Dare to Dream

“Good night, Mr. Merrick,” she said haughtily and with her chin up, she turned to go. At least her actions would show suitable indignation, where her words had failed miserably.

But suddenly she found her arm in an iron grip. “Now, wait a moment,” Michael said, swinging her around to face him. “I think we have to clear up a little misunderstanding here. You know very well it was you who kissed me tonight in class.”

Her eyes flew open, to match her mouth.

“How dare you even suggest that,” she cried, trying unsuccessfully to wrench her arm free. “I would never do such a thing.”

“Well, I would.” His voice was smooth as silk. “But this time I didn’t. You raised your lips up to mine.”

“I did not!”

“Are you saying I kissed you?”

The naked ceiling light disappeared from view as he lowered his head. Shaylee caught the laughter his eyes, before they closed.

“Like this?” he murmured, his lips hovering close, only a breath away from hers.

She could see a speck of Raw Sienna on his cheek before her lids, also, closed. And then it happened again. For the second time that night his lips were on hers.

But this time they lingered, and in spite of herself–despite everything–she wanted them to stay. When he raised his head, the bare bulb danced dizzily in her eyes, as it had the first time they had met with that clash of heads.

“See? Again you raised your lips to mine,” Michael said softly.

“No.” Her voice was raspy, barely audible. “You’re wrong.” But her eyes had been closed, so how could she be sure?

“Let’s try it again,” he suggested. “And this time let’s both be more vigilant about who approaches who first.” He sounded earnest but it was obvious he was laughing inside. “We’ve got to settle this once and for all.”

“You’re crazy.” Shaylee tore herself from his arms, which had somehow, without her even being aware of it, found their way inside her coat and around her waist. She turned and took off, storming down the stairs with a clatter of boots.

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