Karen Rossi Romance

Karen Rossi Romance is the culmination of Kaarina’s lifelong passion for romance and happy endings.  Below you’ll find novels, novellas and short stories available in print and as e-books written under Kaarina Brooks’ pen name, Karen Rossi.  Some are sweet romances, but others contain various “shades of grey”. There really is “Something for Everyone!”

Portraits of Love Series

Dare to Dream – Portraits of Love Book 1
Shaylee Palmer is looking for an art teacher to confirm her talent, but finds herself fighting her growing attraction for a man who has sworn off serious relationships.
Divorced and cynical, Michael Merrick is looking to re-connect with his Muse, but instead has to deal with his gifted, but spunky and stubborn student.

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Dare to Dream is available in print and as an e-book from Amazon.

Dare to Love – Portraits of Love Book 2
The age difference between Marita Osborne and the man she has fallen for is socially “upside-down”. She is in her forties and overweight, while Miguel Cordova, her art teacher, is nine years younger and built like a slender matador. But Marita doesn’t believe he can love her and keeps pushing him away.
After a string of girlfriends, only concerned with their slim bodies, Miguel feels he has met the woman of his dreams. Marita’s earthy laughter and voluptious curves turn him on like the hard-bodied beauties never could. The age difference means nothing to him. How can he make her believe she’s the one for him?

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Dare to Love is available in print and as an e-book from Amazon.

Dare to Surrender – Portraits of Love Book 3
Mika Laine, whose background is Finnish, goes to lecture about Canadian Art at the University of Helsinki for the fall term. The university has sent Anna-Liisa Saari to meet him at the airport and he is immediately attracted to her. But she is divorcée with three young children and because of his past, Mika detests kids, and does not consider himself husband material.  Despite all of this, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to Anna-Liisa and finds it impossible to stay away from her.
In order not to cause problems, Anna-Liisa has obeyed her jealous, alcoholic ex-husband’s demands that she not have a boyfriend . . . or else! She is very attracted to Mika but is afraid to start a relationship, not just for her own safety, but also for his. Is she doomed to live with no love in her life, or does she dare take a chance with Mika?

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Dare to Surrender is available in print and as an e-book from Amazon.

Dare to Trust– Portraits of Love Book 4
On a Mediterranean cruise Angela Cordova befriends Travis Jordan  and, as her friend has encouraged her to do, she “lets her hair down”, going completely against her modus operandi. They get along so well, that she never suspects he is hiding something from her. Travis Jordan doesn’t dare to tell the wonderful woman he has just met aboard the cruise ship about his wife. She would never understand. And he is right. When the facts about his wife come to light, Angela leaves him without a backward glance.
When fate brings them together again, does she dare to trust him once more?

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Dare to Trust is available in print and as an e-book from Amazon.

Beyond Forgiveness
Katharine Wilder is devastated when her young daughter is arrested for suspected shoplifting. She wants Maggie involved in wholesome activities, so they join a church, where Katharine falls in love with Brad Scott, the beloved and respected minister. But she is frustrated and puzzled when he won’t let their relationship evolve beyond friendship.
Brad harbors a secret from his past and feels he is beyond forgiveness for his heinous actions involving a woman. His fight to stop himself from falling in love with Katharine is in direct conflict with her goal to win his love.

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Beyond Forgiveness is available in print  from  Amazon.
What people are saying:
“The author really delivers a great read. I can’t wait for more from her. I also read No Home For My Heart and enjoyed both tremendously.” Kelly Gaffney

No Home for my Heart 
Marshall Kenton is content with her life. She has two great kids and a good man who loves her. It’s a far cry from her tumultuous past and the bitter memories of life with her alcoholic ex-husband, Robert. After nearly fifteen years of healing for herself and her eldest child, who has never outrun the demons of his ravaged childhood, Marshall has finally found a place of peace. But her hard-won tranquility is destroyed when Robert approaches her about rekindling what they once had. She’d be mad to even look at the man, but can’t help the feelings of passion he once again stirs within her. He was—and always will be—her true love. But can she trust him?
When recovering alcoholic, Robert Kenton, sees his ex-wife at a family funeral, he knows his life will never be complete without her. But he also knows he put her and his children through hell—the baby girl who doesn’t even remember him, and the son who will never forgive him. Shrouded by remorse, but unable to walk away, he begins a campaign to win her back and prove to her he’s a different man—but one who will always love her. He’s been dry for years, runs his own construction company, and has a beautiful sailboat moored out in the bay. But when he takes the family out for a sail, a storm rises that threatens not only the delicate truce between them, but their very lives. And even then, the ghosts of the past don’t always rest easy…


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No Home for my Heart is available in print and as an e-book from Amazon.
What people are saying:
“Karen Rossi’s strength lies in her witty and realistic dialogue which brings to life the characters in the well-crafted plot of No Home for My Heart. Like Nicholas Sparks, Karen Rossi knows how to bring the reader along for the emotional ride as the characters play out—with realism and heart—the twists and turns of the issues with alcoholism.” Raili Garth

Despite Everything
Tina Edwards arrives with her young son at a First Nations Reserve to teach in the local school. She is immediately drawn to the handsome chief, Hazard Abraham, despite the fact that he sees her as a meddling do-gooder.
Hazard Abraham, newly elected chief of Greenstone Number 58, finds the new teacher annoying in her attempts to suggest unwanted improvements. They clash at the least provocation but despite everything he can’t help his growing desire for her.

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Despite Everything is available in print and as an e-book from Amazon.