Dare to Trust

Travis kissed her and she responded with abandon. As his kisses became deeper, more dizzying, she realized this could very easily lead to something much more intimate. His hands explored her body, and Angela had to force down a whimper of want that rose from deep inside her. The night was turning into something unreal. Was this Brigadoon? Was this the magic fairyland? And was it only two days ago they had met? It felt like she had known him forever.

Her head spun crazily. His animal magnetism was drowning her good senses and she knew if she didn’t slow things down, she would do something totally non-Angelic. Like fall into bed with a man she hardly knew.

In the nick of time her common sense kicked in and she whispered, “We should go in.”

Travis nodded. “Right,” he said hoarsely.

They re-entered the lounge, and sat down at their table. He signaled the waiter to bring them more wine, and when it arrived, he raised his glass.

“To us,” he said and looked deep into her eyes.

To us? What did that mean? “Us” had no place on these voyages. At least not a long-term kind of “us”. And definitely not a forever kind of “us”.

“To us as long as we are on this cruise,” she responded, to get the words into the correct perspective.

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