Wisteria Presents

Wisteria Presents is a collection of novels by other authors published under the Wisteria Publications banner.

Heart Keeper (Book Two in the Keeper Trilogy)
Melanie Joye

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Sheridan of Vali Island is thrilled when Caol offers for her hand. Never in her wildest dreams did she believe she would be his wife. But can she trust Caol enough to share with him her deepest secret.

Impetuous Caol of Rose Castle has visited Vali Island each summer for years. Besotted by the quiet and mysterious Sheridan, he longs to share his feelings with her.

When Sheridan literally falls into Caol’s arms and then into marriage with him, both are thrown into a perilous game of hide and seek. Will each fight for the love that fate offers or will a long held secret destroy their chance of being the keeper of each other’s heart?

Heart Keeper is available in print and as an e-book on Amazon.

Secret Keeper (Book One in the Keeper Trilogy)
Melanie Joye

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For seventeen years, Bonnie, has lived at Rose Castle where she has embraced the people as her family. When Bonnie is brutally attacked by unknown assailants, she is forced to flee. Her people devise a bizarre plan of escape—a guise that must appear authentic and true. They insist that she marry to confuse her enemies who recognize her only as a young woman, a maid.

While trying to overcome his grief for the death of his dear father, Braeson journeys to Scotland to purchase ponies at Rose Castle. Upon his arrival, it is Bonnie of Rose who captures his attention when she whacks him over the head, believing him a thief. Days later, in a secretive scheme to protect her, she is offered to Braeson as his bride. Bonnie refuses to marry this stranger, this English. Braeson refuses to take responsibility for this teary-eyed young woman. Yet, sacrifice and heartache inevitably bind them together in a midnight wedding.

Together, Bonnie and Braeson are swept into a perilous journey from Scotland to England, challenged to find the courage to battle their enemies, confront the secrets of their heritages and embrace the love that fate offers. Secret Keeper is the first book in the Keeper Trilogy.

Secret Keeper is available in print and as an e-book on Amazon.

One True Thing
Lynn Jermyn

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Driving home through a January blizzard, Charlie Weaver spins out on a patch of black ice. Although there is no collision, he blacks out as headlights bear down on him. In the hospital he comes to, only  to face the bleak reality that he is blind. He sinks into a morass of alcohol and despair.

Natalie Monroe is hired to cook and clean for him since he is unable to care for himself. She is instrumental in helping him to cope with his blindness. Love soon grows between them, but what he doesn’t  know is that she has her own secret demon to deal with.

Will Natalie forget her years of shame and accept the sweet love Charlie is offering? Can she ever learn to trust again?

One True Thing is available in print and as an e-book from Amazon.

The Gift
Lynn Jermyn

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The Gift is about eight people facing their fears, insecurities, unexpected challenges and hopes for the future. They each receive a special Gift, with marvelous, magical qualities, especially designed and created to provide help when they most need it.

Read the stories to discover the private challenge of each person, and how The Gift helps each one to overcome it.

Hopefully the stories will make you both laugh and cry.

The Gift is available in print and as an e-book from Amazon.

Lynn Jermyn

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This small collection of memories from my childhood is a nostalgic look back at what was for me a simpler time. They reflect many changes in the way we think and live. Hopefully they will provide a little amusement in your day. Some of these vignettes have been published in local magazines.

Recollections is available in print and as an e-book from Amazon.