Dare to Surrender

They headed down the path that circled the island, walking slowly to take in the sparkling ocean and the flying seagulls. Mika took her hand in his and she fought the desire to leave it there. It felt so good. But it wasn’t right. Everything was wrong about starting this relationship. There was Aaro, there were the children, and there was the looming date of his departure.

Under the pretext of pointing at the birds, she pulled her hand away. “Look at that seagull. It has black wings, while the others have white. I do not know much about birds but—”

“Anna-Liisa.” His voice was low, almost pleading, and he reached for her hand again. This time she let it stay there, and a wonderful feeling of warmth flowed into her through the contact. Without speaking they walked on. They climbed off the path, up a gently sloping rock face where the juniper shrubbery and short, twisted pines provided a measure of seclusion. There they stopped.

Mika turned to her and, without a word, he took her in his arms. For a moment he held her against him, and she could feel the heavy thumping of his heart, while her own was betraying her emotions with its quick response.

He took her face between his hands. “Anna-Liisa,” he breathed. The word mingled with the sound of the wind that was swelling and dying. It was like a prayer—like an adoration, and she melted inside as his lips came down softly on hers.

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