Hot Romp on the Beach

Dave walked into the sauna and stood for a moment at the door, while his pupils became accustomed to the dim interior. To his dismay, the benches were filled with people of all ages and sexes. Everyone at the beach had obviously had the very same idea of having a sauna at the very same moment. Damn! It seemed that someone had just thrown a dipper of water on the hot rocks, because the people on the top tier sat crouched low against the hot steam, but no one made a move to come down or to leave.

Dave was about to backtrack through the door and go for a swim without first building up a good sweat, as he’d intended. But just then a burly man on the top tier indicated with a friendly motion that there was room between him and the wall.

“Thanks,” Dave said, and smiled wanly. He really hadn’t planned to sit stuck to some hairy stranger on a crowded sauna bench. He’d imagined being able to lie down and let the relaxing heat waft over him. He climbed up and placed his folded towel under his butt, squeezing himself against the wall in order to leave as much space as possible between him and the man. Now, if it had been Barbie sitting there he would’ve been spreading himself wide to get as much skin-to-skin contact as possible. He clamped his knees together, compressing himself as thin as possible.

The sauna door opened a crack and someone peeked in.

Not another body! Time to exit. Dave made a move to rise, but when he recognized the woman who was surveying the situation he quickly flopped his buns down again. It was Barbie! He wished the damned hairy guy beside him to the farthest reaches of Antarctica.

As though reading his unfriendly thoughts, the burly man picked up his hairy buns and with a grunt made his way down to the floor and out the door. Dave squeezed himself closer to the wall, trying to make the place beside him look as invitingly spacious as possible.

“There’s room here,” he said sociably, trying not to sound too eager. Actually, he would have preferred to offer her his lap, but he figured that could be considered a bit too sociable, even in a nudist colony sauna.

Barbie came forward somewhat tentatively, towel rolled under her arm. There was more than enough room for her now, so Dave spread his knees apart slightly, and imperceptibly moved his butt away from the wall. He wanted to ensure he and Barbie would be as close to each other as possible.

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